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Location: Lufkin Industry: Light Industrial
Job Type: Temp to Hire Job Posted: 5/3/2016

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Inventory Clerk

  • Job Summary:            The inventory clerk is responsible for maintaining all material in middle, corrugated, and back warehouses.  This position will serve to maximize space in the warehouses as well as pull inventory for production with the use of a handheld computer/scanner.  The inventory clerk will be expected to help keep inventory levels accurate and warehouses well kept.


  • Specific Duties & Responsibilities:
    • Weighing all wrappers going into production and back into warehouse.
    • Counting the number of impressions or individual counts on bags, corrugated, and folding carton items.  This will be on raw material items entering production and returning to warehouses.
    • Unloading of all raw material deliveries is expected and all materials to be put away in a timely fashion.
    • Assisting in maintaining correct inventory levels, will work with purchasing in order to maintain ideal inventory levels.
    • Must be able to operate forklift efficiently on a daily basis and have passed forklift certification test.
    • Ensure inventories are put in proper places and keeping metal racking properly stocked.
    • Warehouses must be kept clean at all times, this will include regular sweeping and scrubbing of the floors.
    • Assist with counting of physical inventory and responsible for regular cycle counts.
    • Assist management/supervisor as needed.
    • Report and discrepancies of raw materials to purchasing or supervisor.


  • Position Requirements:
    • Physical Requirements:  Must be able to walk or stand for at least a period of 8 hours, bend, walk, and lift up to 50 pounds. 
    • Experience:  Candidates should have working knowledge of Atkinson products and all raw material items.
    • The above description may not include all necessary tasks to complete job.  Job listing includes the most common tasks that candidate will be required to accomplish.